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The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that ou...

WSP Environment & Energy (joint venture partner of GreenBuying) has been judged a finalist in the Barclays 'Green Leaders in Business' award.

The award acknowledges forward thinking businesses in the UK who are leading the green revolution and preserving our environment through sustainable processes, products and services. The award recognises that helping to build a sustainable future is about more than good conscience, it makes sound commercial sense too.

WSP's award submission highlighted key achievements including;

* Implementing the world's first personal carbon tracking and trading scheme for our staff

* Developing a national water efficiency tool for all domestic households across Australia

* Helping to launch the world's first Industrial Symbiosis programme in the UK

* Devising the green building framework for Dubai

* Pioneering a new end-to-end carbon footprinting process

* Developing and launching a new green buying website for the UK market

* Conducting research on issues such as the carbon impact of working from home

* Being one of the first businesses to offer UK charities free support to develop their environmental strategies

* Contributing to the design of the world's first zero-carbon zero-waste city in Abu Dhabi

The winner is due to be announced mid September.

For more information please contact David Symons on 0207 314 5725.

Article Date: 29 August 2008

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