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WiredRed (e/pop web conferencing)

More and more companies are investing in Unified Communications, in order to enhance their communications capabilities. Web conferencing, video conferencing, teleconferencing, webinars and online meetings are becoming fairly commonplace business tools. WiredRedís e/pop Web Conferencing application integrates voice, video, and real-time data collaboration in a single, IP-based software application that can be easily deployed for use by people both inside and outside of the organisation.

e/pop web conferencing software includes PowerPoint, application and desktop sharing, as well as audio (VoIP) and multi-party video conferencing plus a complete set of intuitive controls over layouts, bandwidth and all aspects of the web conference. The use of dynamic, on-line collaboration helps companies reduce travel costs, reduce their carbon footprint and at the same time improve employees' work-life balance by reducing the need to spend so much time travelling. What's more, e/pop is extremely scalable, starting with small meetings of between 2 to 5 concurrent users and scaling right up to 500 users for conferences and webinars. e/pop can either be installed as an on-premise web conferencing application behind the corporate firewall, or it can be provided as a fully hosted solution.

e/pop Internet video conferencing uses a browser-based client, enabling conferencing and on-line meetings with participants anywhere with intranet or internet connectivity.

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