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The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that ou...

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Hi there,

A very quick blog today.

Seemingly every day more scientific evidence comes out in the public domain about the damage we're doing to the planet and its biodiversity. All of us, whether at work or at home, have a duty to act in a way which protects the planet. Countries must cut their carbon by 50% by 2030 and to zero by 2050 to limit global warming to 1.5%. It is estimated that climate change will drive migration of 200 million people worldwide by 2050. So we cannot sit back any longer.

Back in 2008 I decided to do something practical to help support companies become more sustainable. My belief is that company procurement people have a huge responsibility to take sustainable action, but of course they need to support of their company directors. Our mission is to make it easy for company buyers to make their organisations more sustainable, and for staff to do the same at home.

Click here to watch a brief video clip of me telling the story of - why I set it up a decade ago...please like and share!

Bye for now!


by Matt Roper | 10 October 2019

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