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Next generation, certified, see through hygienic masks comply with current European regulations. Designed for ideal fit for all types of facial features. The transparent fabric is light, comfortable and designed to offer the levels of protection we need.

These childrens masks offer everyone a step closer to normality, providing greater clarity when communicating and removing the barrier of a hidden face which causes so much discomfort and unease for so many, especially those who suffer from DHH (Deafness Hard-of-Hearing), mental health, learning and communication difficulties.

Made from breathable antibacterial fabric, these masks can be worn comfortably for long periods. The innovative design can prevent skin irritation, they are perfect for exercise and the anti-fog material means no more steamed up glasses!

These masks meet all COVID-19 regulations. Designed to filter particles (such as micro-organisms and viruses) and not gases (such as oxygen). The masks have been through extensive laboratory tests.

> 96% aerosol filteration

> 95% particle filteration

> 93.4% bacterial filteration (minimum requirement 70-90% dependant on country)

> 23 pa/cm2 breathability in independent tests. Limit to surpass is 60 Pa/cm2 (the lesser the number the better)

Lead time is 7-14 working days from date of order

Returns cannot be accepted due to the nature of the product.

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