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Not only is the uBin 100% recycled plastic, but it is also the first bin in the world made from recycled UK post-consumer plastic! An unprecedented environmental credential.

This bin comes with a general waste stream sticker.

uBin - 100% Recycled Plastic Office Bins

This uBin is a new addition to our recycling bins range offering a totally versatile office solution for the the recycling of waste.

The bins are very elegant with or without the optional insert, and the insert can be changed at any time to match your exacting requirements.

The important factor with this range is that the uBin is made from 100% recycled plastic.


Capacity 70L

Dimensions: H810 x L500 x W330mm

Choice of 6 Lid Colours

Large Overhanging Lid - Covers Untidy Bin Liners

Air Hole - For easy Bag Removal

Angled Top - Faces User and Improves Visibility

Manufactured in the UK

Very Competitively Priced and Express Delivery

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