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The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that ou...

Calendar Posted 22 February 2011 | Feed Icon | Calendar 0 Comments

Hello again, and welcome to the blog. In the past few weeks we have been giving some tips for business to try and become greener in the workplace. Here is the latest instalment:

1- Take the train

When you have to go to a meeting out of the office (and it can?t be done by video conferencing- see previous blogs) consider using the train as transportation. Train journeys are up to 75% more CO2-efficent than the airline equivalent, and are better for the environment than a car journey. According to Defra (2007) a train gives off 60g of CO2 emissions per passenger, compared to 133g for an average car and 158g for a domestic flight.

An average person has around 40% of their carbon footprint based on travel, so a few small changes of habit in this area could make all the difference.

2-Travel light if you have to fly

If you do have to fly for business, make sure to travel light. The heavier luggage that is checked in, the more fuel the plane will burn up. For example if you had to go on an eight hour flight and you checked in with bags weighing 10kg instead of 20kg, you would help to save over 4 litres of aviation fuel.

3-Use rechargeable batteries

When you can, use rechargeable batteries. The energy required to manufacture a battery is around 50 times more than the energy that it gives out, so by re-using them you will save a lot of energy. It is also better for the environment as batteries do contain some toxic metals.

4-Recycle your old CD?s

All your old CD?s in the office can also be recycled, including the cases as well. Don?t just throw them away; put them in a recycling bin so the materials can be re-used.

5-Dump the screensaver

The uses of screensavers for computers are misleading. They are really designed to prevent screen burn, when an image that has been left unchanged for too long is on screen. In fact they can use up a lot of energy. A PC with a wacky screensaver on can use up to 100 watts, whereas if it is in sleep mode, it will consume around 10 watts. Dump the screensaver and put in a stand-by mode for your computer.

Stay tuned for further green tips on the blog.

by Dan Atiyah | 22 February 2011

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