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The bright and colourful Sunshine Abacus features in our very popular Sunshine Range. This abacus is ideal for young children of a nursery and primary school age as it encourages children to count and with its brightly coloured (red,blue,green) counters.

Install an abacus toy in your outdoor play area or school playground and watch the children be drawn to the bright colours and fun way of counting. This plastic garden toy makes a great feature for children and can even be used as a learning aid. Kids love any excuse to learn outside and this abacus provides the perfect opportunity.

Made with recycled items like carrier bags, DVD cases and other soft plastics, our eco-friendly outdoor toys are helping to save the environment one playtime at a time.All of these plastics might otherwise have ended up in a landfill site, but now they are fully recyclable again, meaning there is never any need for them to be thrown away as waste. Recycled plastic has many benefits making it ideal for outdoor furniture. It requires no maintenance, since it is already weatherproof, long-lasting and durable, and any dirt and dust that may accumulate can be wiped away in seconds. Unlike wood, plastic doesn’t splinter, and if puddles collect, it won’t rot or stain. In fact, plastic is resistant to liquids, including paint.

Please be aware that our material manufacturer is no longer able to supply yellow. As a result of this, any yellow in our products will be substituted with another colour.

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Height: 1500mm

Overall Width: 400mm

Overall Depth: 350mm

Weight: 73kg

This product is delivered fully assembled.

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