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St Austell Brewery has achieved a 40% bin space reduction and £6,500 savings after initial four sites trial of Mil-tek baling machines.

Having been established for over 150 years, family owned St Austell Brewery takes its responsibilities towards the needs of local people and the environment very seriously. One of the region's largest employers providing valuable job opportunities for local people, the company is also taking a stand to help alleviate Cornwall's fast growing landfill crisis with Mil-tek's waste management solutions right at the heart of its environmental policies.

Having to cater for large numbers of local people and tourists who pass through the doors of its pub and hotel outlets, it's not too hard to imagine the huge amounts of food and drink deliveries and resultant waste that staff at St Austell Brewery has to deal with on a daily basis. So when faced with escalating waste, rapidly rising landfill tax charges and the growing difficulties in the region over burying rubbish, the company decided to trial and then purchase a Mil-tek 102 Pneumatic Baling machine to recycle cardboard at three of its Cornish sites.

With their low energy consumption, fast pressing cycle, high degree of compaction and ease of use, the Mil-tek baling machines were quickly enabling staff to produce small bales of recycled waste in virtually no time at all.

Commenting on the success of the Mil-tek baling machines Sally Sandford, Environmental Manager, St Austell Brewery said: 'We were so pleased with the cost savings and space gains that we received from Mil-tek's baling machines that we decided to purchase and install the 102 balers for the bulk of our 31 Retail Establishments, including the Old Customs House and The Shipwrights Inn at Padstow. Our Tenancies are also taking up the waste reduction initiative and pubs such as the Harbour Inn have begun to make significant savings.'

Sally concludes: 'As a company we try to do as much as we can to reduce our environmental impact through better management of energy, water and waste and since working with Mil-tek we are a lot closer to achieving our overall aim. Mil-tek's baling machines have helped us significantly to reduce the waste we send to landfill. All the Retail cardboard that is collected via our drays is temporarily stored at our head office in St Austell, before it is picked up by a local company who send it to a South West mill for processing into paper coatings for plasterboard or corrugated packaging for the construction industry.'

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May 2008

Issued on behalf of Mil-tek Direct Limited by Leapfrog PR.

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Article Date: 27 June 2008