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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

A village in South Korea gets 100 per cent of its power from the sun.

Located on the semi-tropical island of Jeju-du, every house in Donggwang has a solar panel on its roof, reports

The photovoltaic panels produce enough energy to power the entire settlement's energy which makes it a state-of-the-art renewable energy village.

A typical roof has a two kilowatt solar installation which was subsidised by the government, which paid 70 per cent of the installation costs.

Mr Choo Chan Lee spoke to the website about his life in Donggwang.

He said: "The environment is a very important issue. In Jeju we don’t have many factories, so the air is very nice. The motto is a clean city, clean island.

"They're trying to do this solar and then the windmills. My favourite part of living in Jeju is the fresh air."

Last year the local government announced it plans to raise the wind power generation on Jeju-du island to 500 megawatts by 2020, which will replace 20 per cent of conventionally generated electricity.

Article Date: 12 May 2008

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