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The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that ou...

Small businesses may be encouraged to purchase more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient products as rising fuel costs take their toll.

According to Phil McCabe from the Forum of Private Business, the UK is "facing a toxic combination of problems" due to high oil prices and fuel duty.

"This has created an unstable situation for small businesses in the UK, many of which see little point in planning for the future, as they are unable to predict when oil prices will stabilise," Mr McCabe commented.

Many of the forum's members are already "struggling to pay for the inexorable rise in fuel prices", he added.

In such times, businesses may want to consider more energy-efficient products and develop a green buying strategy.

Earlier this year, Richard Currie, spokesperson for UPS, said that businesses have been "addressing environmental concerns and cutting their own emissions".

The expert predicted that organizations will have to "continue to do so" in the future.

Article Date: 30 June 2008

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