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Severnprint is a family owned colour printing company that began business in 1977. The company employs 73 staff who are the company’s principal asset. The business-like and yet caring culture within the company is an important part of the company’s success. This caring approach is well displayed in the approach to the environment. Severnprint has been at the lead of many environmental improvements within business.

 Severnprint was one of the first printers in the UK to use recycled papers widely for all manner of jobs including 4 colour printing on the early recycled papers.

 Severnprint wrote its first environmental policy in 1991

 Severnprint began a stringent waste sorting and recycling operation in the early 1990s employing a member of staff solely for this purpose

 In 1995 Severnprint became the first commercial customer of Ecotricity – an electricity supply company that supplied entirely renewable electricity. Our close proximity to one of their generating centres made this a particularly valuable partnership. Ecotricity continue to supply Severnprint with electricity generated from 100% renewable sources.

 Sylvapack was developed in 1999 to provide customers with an environmental print route that they could have confidence in.

 In 2001 Severnprint was awarded ISO14001 followed by FSC certification in 2004.

 In 2008 Severnprint was listed by The Sunday Times as one of the Top 50 Green Companies in the UK

Severnprint has always appreciated that customers rely on the company to supply a wide range of print items. The company has resisted the move towards just operating multicolour machines and maintains a 1 and 2 colour print capability on B2 and B3 presses in addition to the four multicolour presses.


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