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Safely cleans modern flat screen TV’s and computer screens including LED, LCD and plasma

Cleans without the use of harsh chemicals, solvents or alcohol. Pack of 5.

Removes greasy finger marks, dirt and bacteria

Removes over 99% of bacteria

100% safe and natural screen spray

The e-cloth Screen Cleaning Pack has two 'pen' sprays and a super-soft cloth that removes grease, grime, fingermarks and over 99% of bacteria - with a wipe. No chemical cleaners are needed. From TV's, Phones and Tablets to GPS systems, the antistatic cloth and 100% natural deionised Water Spray give exceptional and totally safe cleaning to all types of modern screen. Cloth 35cm *35 cm

Care of Product

A warm rinse is often enough in day to day use. Machine wash regularly up to 60°C., using a little detergent and rinse well. If too much detergent is used, cleaning performance may be reduced, in which case, hot wash without any detergent. The cloth will benefit from an occasional hot wash at 90°C or sterilising by boiling in just water. • Tumble or hang dry. • DO NOT use bleach, which damages the fibres or fabric conditioner, which inhibits performance. If used by mistake, rewash with a little detergent. Note: Colour may run. Wash new cloths separately.

Wipe the surface with the cloth dry to remove any dust particles. Spray a little liquid onto the screen - Wipe the surface with the dry cloth. The Spray delivers a fine mist of non-conductive de-ionised water but, if runs occur, immediately wipe away the excess.

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