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We know from talking to many of our business and household customers that hard water, caused by limescale build up, is costing hundreds...

Businesses and staff: cut your carbon footprint without paying premium energy prices

Whether you're a business, school or household, if you're interested in securing 100% renewable electricity or green gas (i.e. carbon neutral gas supply) at the lowest possible prices, then can help!

Gone are the days when buying renewable energy meant having to pay a hefty premium - so for a quick non-obligatory quote, simply complete the form below and we'll call you to request meter information - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the prices we can achieve.

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Staff: we can help you switch to 100% renewable energy too!

Click here to request a free quote and switch to 100% renewable electricity and frack-free green gas at home, and tell your friends, family and neighbours to do the same - help protect the planet today!

Remember that we also sell Water and Fuel Magnetic Conditioners for households (or support the install if commercial applications) which can reduce energy consumption. For more details click here.