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Play Boat made from recycled plastic which is perfect for schools, nurseries, parks and leisure facilities.

Where will our boat playhouse take your children today? Perhaps they are off on an island adventure. Maybe they are going diving or fishing, or maybe they are enjoying a cruise around the Mediterranean. Whatever exciting games your children dream up, our strong and reliable plastic garden toys will be ready and waiting.

This boat makes a fantastic feature in a school playground, nursery or outdoor play area, where children can make new friends or spend time with old ones. Bright graphics on the side of the boat really bring the boat to life, creating an attractive and exciting play proposition.

Our eco-friendly outdoor toys are extremely easy to keep clean, with just a wipe being all that is needed to keep them free from dirt and dust. Being made from recycled materials, such as carrier bags, DVD cases and other soft plastics, our products are all completely recyclable. Despite their wooden appearance, our toys are a much better option for outdoor play, since they do not splinter, rot or stain and are resistant to liquids. Unlike wooden toys, plastic ones last far longer when left outside and won’t suffer with rain, wind and intense heat.

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Height: 1000mm

Overall Width: 1500mm

Overall Length: 3000mm

This product is delivered partially assembled in easily assembled segments.

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