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The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that ou...

People could potentially limit the amount of electronic waste they produce by upgrading rather than replacing their computers, it has been suggested.

Tim Fairs from The TechGuys, claimed that the "innards" of a PC are the parts that need to be updated, unlike other products where the "look of them constantly changes".

People often purchase the latest models of certain types of devices because the older one now looks outdated.

"PCs tend not to fall into that category. There is so much people can do just to optimise the PCs that they’ve got at home," he commented.

Earlier this month, Caroline Laitner, senior consultant at environmental organisation Waste Watch, said that people tend to look for technology that is "better or faster" than what they already have.

However, the expert encouraged people to "get the most out of any product" and upgrade components.

Article Date: 16 June 2008

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