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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

MORE TH>N Car Insurance has launched a revolutionary new insurance scheme that uses Formula 1-style in-car telemetry to help British motorists drive in a greener, more efficient and economical way.

The innovative new service, called Green Wheels, helps drivers understand how their driving style affects the environment by giving them access to information such as their rate of acceleration, braking and the number of short journeys they make. By doing this, MORE TH>N hopes to help change the way drivers behave behind the wheel and lower the carbon footprint of the 31m cars on Britains roads.

To bring Green Wheels to life, MORE TH>N has adopted new 'Green Box' technology; a small device that hooks up to the vehicle's Engine Management System and reads the motorist's driving style. The Green Box then sends that information wirelessly to MORE TH>N's new website, where drivers can confidentially access personalised reports on their driving style to help improve their 'eco-driving'.

Motorists' driving styles are then rated on an easy-to-understand A to G scale, much the same as the scales used to rate everyday appliances like washing machines or dishwashers, where 'A' indicates an energy efficient style and a 'G' rated driver is less efficient or rather more polluting. Users can get a deeper understanding of their driving by accessing the numerous graphs and summary sheets, which provide greater guidance of what they can do behind the wheel to improve their rating.

Dowshan Humzah, Product Director at MORE TH>N, commented: 'Green Wheels is great news for anyone interested in taking more responsibility for their own carbon 'tyre-print'.

'Furthermore, by helping motorists drive more efficiently the 'Green Box' can also help cut the cost of motoring which, with fuel prices rising, is top of many motorists' agendas.'

The ground-breaking 'green box' forms part of MORE TH>N's commitment to the 'Together' campaign; a coalition of major UK companies committed to providing their customers with quick and easy things they can do to help fight climate change. To find out more visit

Dowshan Humzah continued: 'We are delighted to be the only insurer invited to join Together and to be the first in the UK to become carbon neutral, Green Wheels is the next in a series of initiatives we have developed to play our part in reducing damage to the environment."

David Hall, Campaign Director of Together said: 'Together is about the easy things people can do to fight climate change. This innovative product is a great first step for drivers who want to learn about and manage the impact their car has on the environment.'

For green driving tips or to find out more log-on on to or call 0800 975 3572.


Article Date: 21 July 2008

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