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Welcome to our Mobile Phones Recycling service!

How do I arrange for our mobile phones to be re-used?

Its simple. Just complete the form below and click on "Submit". We will then arrange for the appropriate packaging to be sent to you. Then place the handsets in the packaging and send it back (freepost).

What will happen to the mobile handsets?

Once they have been refurbished, they will be sent for use in developing countries. Thus you will have avoided disposal in landfill sites and helped to supply someone with a decent quality phone who otherwise may have gone without. A proportion of revenues earned (which vary depending on the model of handset and its quality) will be given to a chosen environmental charity.

Terms and conditions:

1. The mobile phone must be owned by your company. In using this service you declare that you/your company are the owner of the mobile phone and that you agree for ownership of it to be unconditionally transferred to Fonebak Plc.

2. Fonebak will not be responsible for mobile phones lost, missing or stolen during transit.

3. Mobile phones, and accessories cannot be returned once received.

4. Make sure that you delete all personal data from your old mobile phone and remove the SIM card of the mobile phone. Keep the SIM card to use in your new phone. Any SIM card received by Fonebak PLC will be destroyed.

5. Fonebak PLC may in its sole discretion refuse to accept mobile phones. Details of mobile phones received that are suspected of being stolen may be referred to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

6. All data provided by customers shall be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

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