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Microsoft plans to support research projects as part of its sustainable computing programme focusing on energy-efficient computing.

The new initiatives focus on data centre power efficiency, power management and the creation of parallel computing architectures with decreased energy demands.

Sailesh Chutani, senior director of Microsoft external research, said: "We want to open new avenues of research and raise the awareness of power as a critical resource that needs to be managed."

He added that Microsoft is encouraging "novel thinking" to reduce power consumption and how to make technology "more environmentally friendly in the future".

Microsoft external research compared the same amount of power that an idle PC uses in a year to a single 100-watt light bulb being left on continuously for that period.

The aim of the sustainable computing programme is to stimulate research with the potential to significantly improve energy efficiency, according to the company. Microsoft Research also delivers innovations in the area of conservation.

Article Date: 29 April 2008

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