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The more I learn about the terrible damage man is inflicting on the earth and its biodiversity, it makes me really sad to think that ou...

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Happy New Year from our team at!

We've all suffered from terrible weather conditions over the last 12 months, with UK having officially the second wettest weather since records began. We all know that something very strange and troubling is happening with our climate with lots of extreme weather and that our purchasing behaviour around the globe is a major contributory factor.

Now we don't pretend that buying more recycled business supplies will make a huge impact, but to borrow a phrase from a well known supermarket, "every little helps" make this the year that you start taking steps to reduce your environmental impact - and what better than to re-direct your stationery and office supplies spend to!!

Remember that unlike the vast majority of stationery and office supplies suppliers, we ONLY sell eco friendly products. We also care about customer service and work hard to ensure that your items arrive quickly and in the right quality. Plus we are determined to maintain very low prices.

So why not give us a try?!

by Matt Roper | 7 January 2013

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