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As you can see from looking through our website, we sell alot of eco business products and services - indeed this is all that we do. We...

Consumers across the UK have been urged to look out for products that are energy-efficient as they shop for new household items.

Adrian Arnold, head of trade marketing at the Energy Saving Trust (EST), has explained that a logo is now clearly visible on consumer goods that have net his organisation's criteria for energy-efficiency.

Such products are less likely to damage the environment and can act as a worthwhile guide to eco-conscious shoppers around the country.

"Under the Energy Saving Recommended scheme only products that meet strict criteria on energy efficiency can carry the logo," he said.

"So if you're shopping for a new dishwasher, boiler or even just light bulbs, always look for the Energy Saving Recommended logo."

As much as 12 million tonnes of carbon dioxide could be kept from entering the Earth's atmosphere each year if all the gas-powered central heating systems in the UK were switched to a condensing boiler, according to the EST.

Article Date: 23 June 2008

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