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As you can see from looking through our website, we sell alot of eco business products and services - indeed this is all that we do. We...

British businesses and consumers are lagging behind their foreign counterparts when it comes to recycling, new research has found, with IT equipment being the most common source of waste.

According to IT supplier Fujitsu, some 12.5 million unwanted desktop and laptop PCs have been needlessly discarded in the past five years - up to one in four of them being dumped at local tips.

And despite the introduction of last year's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive, the Fujitsu research showed that public awareness of free recycling facilities remains low and businesses are leading the way in eco-ignorance.

"Given that electrical and electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, we are urging producers and local authorities to work with us to find a practical solution to increase the reuse of PCs taken to the local tip and are already talking to a number of local authorities about how we can support their reuse efforts," quoted Louise Richards, chief executive of Computer Aid, as saying.

Computer Aid is a charity that refurbishes discarded PCs and redistributes them in third world countries. To date it has shipped over 100,000 computers that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Article Date: 10 March 2008

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