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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

GreenBuying team member David Brown looks at how Hackney Council is going green.

According to the Green Procurement Code Awards, Hackney is the best performing environmentally-friendly public sector organisation in the capital. Official UK government figures state that the council also has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions anywhere in the capital.

So how exactly did the council make such progress'

It seems a bit of effort doesn't go a miss that's for sure.

Chris Hudson, Assistant Director of Procurement at the council said that 'we are currently updating our sustainable procurement strategy but we have been working hard to reduce [the] environmental impact of what we do for some years.'

Mr Hudson went on to add that 'the results of our efforts are diverse and include solar-powered pay-and-display machines, fuelling our refuse collection fleet with Biodiesel blend, buying 100 per cent post consumer waste recycled unbleached paper, and powering our premises with hydroelectricity.'

Green issues are also a key concern for senior management which helps drive forward change. Mayor for Hackney Jules Pipe stated that "although climate change is a global reality, action needs to start locally and I am pleased that by increasing the levels of rubbish we recycle, procuring the greenest waste fleet in the country and moving all Council buildings to green electricity we are making Hackney a greener place'.

Hackney also run a number of other initiatives including supporting sustainable transport, and offering free parking to electric and other green vehicles. The council has also just signed the Nottingham declaration ' a nationwide pledge to tackle climate change and reduce emissions ' and currently supports a 'local Agenda 21'.

It seems the council is embedding 'sustainability' into the heart of the council. The team at GreenBuying recognizes the achievements of Hackney Council and encourages other organizations from the public, private and voluntary sectors to follow suit.

Article submitted 8th February 2008

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Article Date: 08 February 2008