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On behalf of everyone here at, we'd like to wish all clients - UK companies, schools and households - a very merry Ch...

Calendar Posted 15 October 2015 | Feed Icon | Calendar 0 Comments

Nowadays we're spending more money on new Halloween decorations. Not only does that hurt our wallets, it's also harmful for the environment. Teachers are you interested in creating handmade Halloween decorations by reusing materials you might already have laying around the classroom? We have drummed up 4 really simple and easy creations that are sure to put the spook into spooktacular!

1) Have a go at making your very own skeleton out of old milk bottles, paper sticks and paper mache.

2) Don't throw away empty bottles of pop. Turn them into fantastic pumpkin displays using coloured paper.

3) Re-use your sand bucket and fill with tasty treats.

4) Using old buttons and a black canvas, create goolish ghost characters.

To see images of these Halloween decorations simply Click Here

by H Burton | 15 October 2015

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