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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

Around 50 per cent of UK SMEs believe that improving their environmental performance is an issue of critical business importance, a new study reveals.

A report from government agency Environwise shows that roughly half of the small businesses in the UK are focussing on maintaining good environmental practices in the workplace - as they believe such efforts will save them money.

A 1994 study on the same subject revealed that just 20 per cent of firms believed there was any correlation between environmental issues and profitability.

One organisation which employs 65 people managed to save around £1,500 on its energy bill through implementing energy saving measures and green buying, reveals Sarah Van Erp, business advisor at Smart Works.

"It is something that is becoming more and more important for SMEs; it's not just the bigger companies anymore," she commented.


Article Date: 21 November 2007

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