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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

New reports outlining action being taken by the UK Government and industry to improve the environmental performance of products and their supply chains have been published.

Green goods will need to become the mainstream, while those with a big environmental impact will have to improve their green credentials. As the changes will be led by industry, much of the time, customers may not even notice the difference.

Climate Change Minister Joan Ruddock said: "We know people are concerned about their effect on the environment, but they don't get to see the full picture of what goes into producing the goods they buy - and they don't see what happens after they've thrown them away.

"It needs to be easier for people to buy products that will save them money and reduce their impact on the environment - and that's exactly what we're doing. There are real savings to be made - through this action to green the products and materials we use, UK households could save £5 billion a year on their bills."

The Sustainable Products and Materials report details, for the first time, action already underway to help make a wide range of products groups including food, electrical appliances and clothing products more sustainable throughout their production, use and disposal.

It also sets out a vision for future work on making products more sustainable, and encourages further debate about how this could be achieved.

Alongside this report the Government is publishing 'Policy Analysis and Projections' which set out how the environmental performance of products such as light bulbs, refrigerators, boilers and consumer electronics will need to improve between now and 2020.

Source: Medical News Today

Article Date: 22 July 2008

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