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The government is setting a poor example for small and large businesses by missing its own carbon emissions targets, it has been claimed.

Excluding the partly-privatised Ministry of Defence, central government now emits 22 per cent more CO2 than it did in 1999, according to the Sustainable Development Commission (SDC).

That comes despite a pledge to become entirely carbon neutral by 2012, something which the SDC has now described as being "extremely difficult to achieve" without a major investment in carbon offsetting schemes.

"Unless government takes serious action to cut its own carbon dioxide emissions it will lack credibility in its challenge to society to do the same," the independent watchdog warned.

It noted that car use among government officials is of particular concern, with government vehicles emitting 1.5 per cent more than they did during 2005/06 and showing no sign of reaching a 15 per cent reduction target.

The government had already been accused of compromising its green credentials this month after chancellor Alistair Darling postponed a two pence rise in fuel duty by six months.

Article Date: 19 March 2008

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