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Get involved with THE BIG PEDAL!

What's the 'Big Pedal?'

Many schools are taking part in the UK's largest inter-school cycling and scooting challenge called the Big Pedal. The Big Pedal inspires pupils, staff and parents to choose two wheels when travelling to and from school. It takes place over 2 weeks every year and there are prizes for those schools who record the greatest number of cycling or scooting journeys.

Let's make this year's event the biggest and best year yet!

Success for Sustrans is when people are able to choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and our environment. This means people of all ages and abilities being able to walk, cycle and use public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. That's why Sustrans are concentrating on the travel and play needs of children. "If we can now create the right space for young people to be out and about by foot and bike,independently and actively, then others will follow." (Malcolm Shepherd - Chief Executive, Sustrans)

While children have aspirations to cycle to school, sadly only 1-2% achieve this UK-wide. Turning this desire into reality is clearly the right thing to do, and has so many benefits:

- Increase physical activity, tackling our chronic obesity problem and even helping improve academic results

- A cleaner environment, lowering both air and noise pollution, and helping us achieve our carbon targets

- Reduced congestion that improves the reliability of our road network

Between the 18th -29th April 2016 The Big Pedal is hosting SUPERHERO FUNDRAISING DAY! Thousands of children across the UK will be transforming into their favourite superheroes for the day to help raise money for Sustrans. There are so many ways to get involved, have fun, celebrate and fundraise for Sustrans. Here's how:

- Dress up! Encourage everyone at your school to dress up as a superhero for the day and donate £1.

- Decorate! Ask pupils to decorate their bikes/scooters as 'Superhero Mobiles' for the day or organise your own 'Bling Your Bike' session and donate £1.

Superhero Day is a great way to involve all pupils in The Big Pedal even if they don't cycle or scoot. If you can't take part on this day, you can choose another day during the challenge or even another time in the year!

All money raised for Sustrans will help to enable thousands of children to walk, cycle or scoot every day - making the school run safer and healthier.

How It Works

- Let The Big Pedal know that you want to take part in the superhero fundraising day by checking the box at registration on the website

- Download the superhero fundraising guide full of hints and tips to make the day a success

- Give the letter for parents to your pupils to take home so their parents or guardians know all about The Big Pedal and the superhero fundraising day

- Purchase some Big Pedal goodies from their online shop to give out during the challenge or on superhero day

- On superhero day, collect £1 from each child and send the total to us at Sustrans upload photos of your superhero kids to the Big Pedal website


by H Burton | 21 April 2016

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