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Hi there, A very quick blog today. Seemingly every day more scientific evidence comes out in the public domain about the dama...


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The Florence Frog Recycling and litter bin has been designed especially for schools. The brightly coloured bin forms part of the EnviroBuddies range which has been developed to encourage kids to recycle and tidy up. No liner.

84 Litre Bin capacity

For internal & external use

WRAP compliant colours for recycling streams

Does NOT include recycling label or liner.

Aperture is easy to access for children - just 608mm tall

Animal characters to appeal to the children

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use Super strong and durable Plastic (same materials used to make canoes!)


Aperture Hole H:136 x W:295mm

Overall height = 850mm (From top of eyes to base).

Overall width (with feet) = 595mm.

Overall depth (with feet) = 515mm.

Maximum diameter = 440mm.

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