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Treat your children to our large fire engine playhouse. Kids love emergency service vehicles and bright red fire engines are particularly exciting. Watch their faces light up and their imagination come to life as they make believe themselves to be heroes rushing to save people from burning houses or maybe even the odd cat in a tree!

The engine contains three sections: a front cabin that contains two steering wheels and a bench; a middle cabin with two facing benches; and a back cabin with benches around the outside. The floor is grooved to help prevent slipping and the whole engine can hold up to 20 children at any one time.

Our plastic outdoor toys make the perfect addition to outdoor play areas, schools or nurseries. Made with 100% recycled plastic, they are strong, durable and weather resistant. Plastic does not rot, stain or splinter and is resistant to water, ensuring many years of safe and reliable play. When the engine gets wet, it can be mopped with a towel and if it gets dirty, a quick wipe over makes it as good as new.

This eco-friendly outdoor toy is available in green or red and should be placed on soft ground to help prevent injury during play. An access ramp is available on request.

Ground Fixings are available for this product for either hard or soft ground.

Dimensions & Weight

Overall Height: 1500mm

Overall Width: 1280mm

Overall Length: 4800mm excluding ramp, 5800mm including ramp

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