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As you can see from looking through our website, we sell alot of eco business products and services - indeed this is all that we do. We...

Businesses should only consider carbon offsetting once in the final stages of an energy efficiency strategy, an expert has said.

The Carbon Trust also said companies should try to reduce the emissions from their supply chain in order to "deliver low carbon products and services."

Trust solutions director Hug Jones said businesses could invoke a "double bottom line benefit" if they adopted this process.

He said: "Good quality offsetting should only be explored once all means to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions at source have been exhausted."

According to the Trust, businesses which strive to reduce their energy bills by 20 per cent stand to add the same amount to their profits as a five per cent increase in sales.

The Carbon Trust was set up by government in 2001 as an independent company.

It aims to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by working with organisations to reduce emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.

Article Date: 27 May 2008

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