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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

The Problem

Carbon Dioxide (COČ) emissions have been attributed as the single biggest contributor to climate change. According to the UK Government in 2006 36% of electricity generated was by gas-fired power stations, 37% from coal, 18% from nuclear, and 4% from renewable sources.

The impact of the current way we produce electricity in the UK is huge. 152 million tonnes of carbon are estimated to have been emitted from energy production in the UK.

Carbon dioxide emissions are directly related to the type of fuel used, by using renewable energy sources that generate less carbon dioxide it demonstrates that your business is committed to investing in sources of electricity that are environmentally friendly. Renewable sources of energy not have the distinct advantage of being replenishible. As long as there is sun or wind there will always be a sustainable source of energy.

Why not go nuclear'

Nuclear power is seen as being able to make an important contribution to meeting the energy needs of the future. However the use of nuclear energy is not without serious social and environmental problems. The mining and purifying of Uranium generally produces a large amount of pollution and waste. Nuclear fuel also remains toxic for several hundred centuries and as yet there is no safe, long term way to store it.

100% Renewable

Our supplier uses only 100% renewable electricity. Many other companies offer a 'Green Tariff' this means that their electricity comes from mixed sources such as coal, gas and nuclear power stations.

Reducing electricity consumption

According to the World Energy Organisation by 2050, global energy demand could be double its current level. This will have significant implications for the human contributions to climate change.

The situation in the UK

In the UK controlling energy related emission is seen as an important issue with the UK Government agreeing to the Kyoto Protocol. Between 2008-2012 the UK has committed to reduce its baseline emissions of six major greenhouse gases by 12.5% on 1990 levels.

Business also sees the need to reduce energy use as important. The UK Corporate Leaders' Group on Climate Change have argued that investing in a low-carbon future should be 'a strategic business objective for UK plc as a whole'.

Why should I reduce energy'

Being Responsible

Reducing the amount of energy that your business uses makes good sense. Using energy more efficiently is a cost effective way of cutting carbon dioxide emissions. You can send out a positive message to your customers and employees that you see energy efficiency as a responsible business decision.

Save Money

It also makes smart business sense to save energy. Energy efficiency means that you are using less energy and in turn saving money. Businesses can play their part in reducing the waste of energy by investing in energy efficiency measures such as more energy efficient buildings and products

Stay ahead of regulation

With climate change a political issue potential changes to the law could impact your business. According to the Carbon Savings Trust we are likely to see more initiatives like the Climate Change Levy and the Emissions Trading Scheme, as well as tighter building regulations. A forward thinking business will be well equipped to deal with such legal changes.

To switch to sustainably sourced electricity, please visit the Electricity section of our website.

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Article Date: 11 February 2008