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Twin pack of replacement heads includes a Deep Clean Mop Head and a Dusting Head for perfect floor cleaning. Box of 5. Cloth Sizes 45cm x 13.5cm

≠Deep Clean Mop Head

The Deep Clean Mop Head head will leave floors completely clean, without the need for liquid cleaners or chemicals. The head velcros to the mop base for easy attachment.

The weave and longer fibres are designed to break up and hold thick grease and dirt which ordinary mops leave behind. The fibres absorb water fast and effectively.

Dusting Mop Head

Used on hard floors, it is quicker and easier than a vacuum cleaner. The Dusting Mop Head is for initial removal of dust and loose dirt, before the Deep Clean Mop Head clean. It may be used instead of a vacuum cleaner. The head velcros to the mop base for easy attachment.

What are E-Cloths ?

A range of high quality micro fibre cleaning cloths which clean ALL hard surfaces. The cloths neither contain nor use chemicals.

How do E-cloths work?

The cloths are made of millions of tiny clever fibres which traps and absorbs minute particles of dust and dirt. When water is introduced to the cloths, they will clean grease from a surface without smearing.

How do I use them?

The general purpose cloth may be used dry for dusting, damp with water for all other cleaning. Use the cloth folded so that as much surface area as possible comes into contact with the surface to be cleaned. The glass cloth - spray water onto the surface and wipe.

Where can I use the E-cloths?

The cloths may be used for all general cleaning on all surfaces. They are exceptionally good on stainless steel, glass, chrome and plastics eg. appliances, car, TV etc.

How long will E-cloths last?

As long as the maintenance instructions are followed, there is no reason why the products shouldn't last for years, with normal use.

Why do manufacturers recommend their customers to use the E-cloth to clean their appliances?

The E-cloth is a high quality, chemical free cleaning product which will clean and maintain all appliance surfaces in an easy and efficient manner.

Can the products be used alongside other chemical products?

If there is a build up of grease or other dirt, it may be necessary to first clean this area with a chemical. It will then be easy to maintain the surface using just E-cloths and water.

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