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This producthas been specially developed to destroy offensive malodours leaving the air lightly fragranced. Contents- 750ml bottle in a pack of 6.

Research has found that many malodours do not just offend our senses, but are often linked to harmful chemical compounds that can have serious side effects. Our freshener removes these elements and neutralises offensive odours from the air leaving it freshly fragranced with the scent of fruit.

The unique formulation contains a complex combination of ingredients that break down bad-odour molecules cutting through smells more effectively than any comparable product. It is designed to work with closed and open circuit air conditioning systems and can be sprayed on to soft furnishings.

The active base of this specialised product is also effective in removing residual odours including those from blood, faeces, vegetable oils, fats and tobacco.

Application and Directions:

Spray a small amount directly away from the body into the air.

NB. Wipe surface thoroughly with clean water if used in kitchen/food prep areas.

Areas of Usage:

It can be used with complete safety in any areas where malodours are likely to occur including:

Dilution Ratio:

Proper dosage saves cost and minimises environmental impact.

Dilute 1 part concentrate to 20 parts water.

This product is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous and does not harm the environment or the people using them.

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