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Hi there, A very quick blog today. Seemingly every day more scientific evidence comes out in the public domain about the dama...


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This product is a all-in-one, industrial strength cleaner that removes grease, fats, grime and soils from almost any washable surface, without the need for aggressive or harmful additives. Content size- 750ml bottle in a pack of 6.

Specially developed to leave surfaces clean and shiny, our cleaner enhances and protects plastic, marble, granite, vinyl and chrome without streaking.

It is more effective than most comparative products and lifts soils from the surface using eco-clean technology, cleaning and protecting safely. The super concentrate formulation has exceptional dilution capabilities.

Application and Directions:

Apply a small amount to a cloth or sponge then wipe surface. For heavy cleaning spray directly onto surface, leave to stand for a few seconds and wipe or spray off. The product works very well in pressure washers and scrubber dryer machines.

Areas of Usage:

Specially designed for professional and domestic use, our cleaner can be used in a multidude of areas including:

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