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Delphis Eco liquid grease and drain treatment is a concentrated multi strain blend of naturally occurring microbes containing no less than 500 million colony forming units per gram. We believe this is the most powerful product of its kind on the market.

The bacterial strains digest fats, oils, greases (FOGs) and other organic waste typically associated with grease traps and waste water systems to eliminate blockages and odours. This ensures they are broken-down at source and not transferred downstream.

Benefits of regular application:

Superior fat digestion: Fats, oils and greases (FOGs) are composed of triglycerides. FOG levels are dramatically reduced, due to the effective breakdown of triglycerides, long chain fatty acids and short chain (volatile) fatty acids owing to the careful selection of the product bacteria.

Improved free-flow in drain lines: The trapped grease levels are reduced in situ and not transferred downstream, reducing maintenance problems and the need for grease trap pumping.

Effective odour reduction: The production of odours is reduced due to the products microbes inhibiting the production of hydrogen sulphide and from the effective break down of volatile fatty acids that may be produced in septic or anaerobic environments.

Complete digestion of solids: The excretion of high levels of amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease enzymes by the products bacteria, results in the effective break down of all the organic components of waste associated with the drain environment.

Reduction in BOD levels: The product can, if conditions are right, reduce BODs (Biological Oxygen Demand) and suspended solids which can dramatically reduce sewage discharge fees to the environment agency. When BOD levels are high fish and other aquatic organisms will not survive.

Application and direction:

This product is supplied ready-to-use, do not dilute. Before dosing commences ensure the fat trap has been cleaned. For the first 7-10 days dose 500ml per day using a peristaltic pump (roller pump), ideally when the kitchen is not in use.

Reduce dosing to 250ml a day there onward - a biomass (biological material) should have developed. Dose the product into the drain line before it enters the fat trap. This must be done as close to the trap as possible but no further than 2 meters away.

NB. This product will reduce the amount of times a fat trap requires cleaning. In general, if the fat trap is cleaned every 2 weeks, using this product can extend the cleaning to once every 2 months. This is a maintenance product and will only reduce the frequency of emptying a fat trap, not do away with cleaning.

Proper dosage saves costs and minimises environmental impact: Delphis Eco encourage users to reduce waste going to land fill by recycling empty bottles.

Areas of usage:

Commercial kitchens where fats, oils and grease cause blockages:

fat traps

drain lines

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