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Delphis Eco foaming oven cleaner easily removes burnt on carbon from ovens, grills and griddles. It clings well to vertical surfaces and is safe to use on all surfaces including stainless steel. It has a pleasant odour. 4 x 2 litres.

The foaming trigger head must be ordered separately.

Directions: Remove loose carbon with a scraper. Warm oven to between 40oC-60oC. Switch off before application. Spray directly onto surface, leave for minimum 5 minutes contact time and wipe clean. For heavy burnt on carbon leave to stand for longer periods.

Attaching trigger head and hose: Unscrew container cap. Place hose inside container and push hose stopper into the container neck until secure. Adjust nozzle on trigger head to suit foam application. Once finished, pull stopper out of neck and secure cap to container.

Areas of usage:


roasting dishes

grills and griddles

baking trays

Click here to download the Safety Data Sheet for this product:

Delphis Eco Foaming Oven Cleaner
Estimated Size: 65

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