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A highly concentrated detergent suitable for use in a wide range of dishwashing machines and hard water areas. 5 Litre bottles in a pack of 2.

This dishwasher liquid is an alkaline mechanical ware washing

detergent specially formulated to provide excellent soil removal. It is

based on a special blend of dispersing, homogenising and anti-redepositing

agents and corrosion inhibitors.

The detergent is suitable for use in a wide range of dish washing machines and highly effective against grease, starches, tannins, fats, dried on foods and stains on many surfaces such as dishes, cutlery, glass and cooking utensils.

Specially formulated for use on various surfaces it:

Application and Direction:

Apply through automatic pump. Engineer will set auto pump to suitable dilution rate for type of machine and usage.

Areas of Usage:

Our dishwasher liquid is highly effective and suitable for industrial dishwashing machines in hard water areas.

Dilution Ratio:

Subject to machine requirements.

Dosing System:

Delphis endorse HydroNova and Brightwell dosing systems.

This product is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous

and does not harm the environment or the people using them.

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