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Delphis Eco destainer and renovator removes beverage stains, tannin and bacteria from drinking glasses and tea and coffee cups caused by machine detergent, yeast and protein residue. 2 x 5 Litres concentrate.

Directions: For best results use on a regular basis. Wash and rinse in normal manner before use. Remove dosing tubing from machine detergent and insert tubing into destainer and renovator. Run machine as normal. Manual destaining: dilute 1:100 parts water. Put tea and coffee cups into a sink or bowl of warm water, soak for 2 hours. Repeat if necessary. General purpose sterilisation: To kill the majority of bacteria including salmonella, use a minimum of 1% in water and a contact time of over 2 minutes. In place sanitation: see info sheet for details. NB. Do not allow prolonged contact with aluminium.

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Delphis Eco Desainer and Renovator
Estimated Size: 65

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