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This beer and drinks cleaner removes beverage residue, grease marks and bacteria. Contents 2 x 5 litre packs.



Pre-flush system thoroughly with water to remove beer and drinks residues. Charge with cleaning solution and pull through or circulate system several times during minimum half hour contact time. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Do not leave cleaning solution in the system overnight. May also be used to clean trays, nozzles and fittings. Avoid prolonged contact with aluminium. All dispense equipment must be cleaned at least once every seven days.

Dilution Ratios

Proper dosage saves cost and minimises environmental impact:

General cleaning: dilute 1:10 parts COLD water.

Heavy cleaning: dilute 1:5 parts COLD water.

Areas of usage

Pubs, bars, cellars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, kitchens, etc:

Full guidance on the handling and safe storage of the product can be obtained from the safety data sheet once purchased

Techincal data

Appearance: pale yellow fluid

Odour: bland

pH-neat: 13.50 typical

pH@5% in tap water: 12.50 typical

Boiling point: 100oC

Flammability: non-flammable

Vapour pressure: water = 18mm Hg

Water solubility: totally soluble

Gravity @ 20C: 1.200 typical

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