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Hi there, A very quick blog today. Seemingly every day more scientific evidence comes out in the public domain about the dama...


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This food prep safe anti-bacterial and anti-viral sanitiser cleans and protects all hard surfaces in kitchens and washrooms. 5 litre bottle in pack of 2. CONCENTRATED

This multi-purpose sanitiser has all-in-one, anti-bacterial properties which stops the spread of harmful infection at its source. It is specially designed to lift organic soils like blood and faeces, breaking down body fluids such as saliva, vomit, urine and sweat.

It lifts soils from a variety of surfaces as well as sanitising. Its unique formulation leaves behind a protective barrier that kills over 60 different strains of germs, bacteria and viruses including:

Its synergistic blend of quaternary biocides and potentiators stop the spread of harmful infection and kills over 60 major diseases at the source. It complies with EN1276.

Click here to download the Safety Data Sheet for this product:

Delphis Eco anti-bacterial sanitiser
Estimated Size: 74.4

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