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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

Case Study: Nationwide

Nationwide have developed a five-year carbon management plan to reduce its carbon emissions. The five year plan runs from 2004-2009 and aims to reduce Nationwide's carbon footprint.

By purchasing energy from renewable energy sources for its UK business (excluding Northern Ireland) Nationwide has reduced its carbon footprint. The policy of purchasing green energy has been implemented alongside an IT and building efficiency programme.

Nationwide will continue its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by the continued purchase of renewable energy. Nationwide also intends to extend its energy purchasing strategy policy to include its Northern Ireland based operations


 Since 2005 Nationwide have reduced Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions by over 85%

 Nationwide employees voted Nationwide one of the UK's 'Best Big Companies to Work For' in the annual Sunday Times survey

Source: Nationwide

Cutting Carbon emissions by switching to green energy
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Article Date: 20 December 2007