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Attaching a CC9 Fuel Conditioner to your vehicle fuel pipe should reduce your fuel costs (petrol and diesel) by between 5-15% on average or your money back (within 3 months of purchase). For cars/small vans with engines up to 2.5L.

The conditioner can be used in fossil fuel powered vehicles (petrol and diesel) such as lorries/trucks, cars, vans, boats, ships, generators, compressors, pumps, cranes, excavators, dumpers, rollers, tractors, mowers, strimmers etc. Benefits are also being reported on engines using biofuel (vegetable oils and biodiesel).

What is the size and weight of the CC9 fuel conditioner?

Benefits of the Fuel Conditioner

Customers using fuel conditioners on engines typically report one or more of the following:

How to Install the Conditioner to your Vehicles

The fuel conditioners are very simple to install to a vehicle. No need to cut existing pipework – no moving parts – no power required – no maintenance – transferable. They are simply placed onto the fuel pipe and held in place with cable ties and shrink tape (both supplied with each conditioner bought).

If a small/medium van or car (up to 2.5L) we would advise you to fit 1 x CC9 per vehicle, attached to the main fuel line to the engine. The product should be fitted as near as possible to the engine with sufficient space and safety of fitting paramount.

So confident are we that the fuel conditioner will reduce your fuel comsumption that we offer a money-back guarantee if you're not happy with the product within the first 3 months post order date.


As a special offer we're offering you a £30 'Beer52' craft beer gift voucher if you place an online order for either the water or fuel conditioner. As soon as you've received the conditioner(s), we will send you a unique code. We will also waive all postage costs for the beers you purchase with this code. But hurry - this is a time limited offer which must end soon! Only 1 code per customer.

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