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Hi there, A very quick blog today. Seemingly every day more scientific evidence comes out in the public domain about the dama...


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Reduce the cost of Gas or heating by 5-15%* with a CC9 Fuel Magnetic Conditioner. Needs no supporting power, fits in seconds with no need to cut pipework and lifetime guarantee!

Suitable for use on all types of domestic and commercial gas/oil heaters, cookers, boilers, ovens etc. Works on Oil, Natural Gas and LPG.

By fitting a CC9 Fuel Conditioner to your Gas / Oil pipe you can:

*Clients typically report fuel savings of 5-15%, sometimes more (verified)

Easy to Install

Click here to learn how easy it is to install the Fuel and Water Conditioners in your office buildings or home.

Note that we can also reduce your energy costs through our partnership with Ecotricity. Click here for more details.

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