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Provides a constant source of conditioned water, reducing limescale, improving central heating/hot water heating systems and saves fuel. Simply straps onto the incoming water pipe. Comprehensive 10 year guarantee on parts/workmanship.

Numerous studies have shown that passing water through a magnetic field can reduce or prevent problems caused by hard water.

By fitting a CC10 Water Conditioner to your water pipes you can:

How does it work on water?

Untreated water contains Calcium Carbonate. The crystals form in large clumps in plumbing and equipment, forming a dense insulating material that reduces efficiency and is costly to control or remove.

In water treated by the CC10 unit the crystals do not stick to plumbing or equipment and pass harmlessly through.

Magnetic conditioners can be fitted to the water circulation systems in swimming pools and fish farms etc to maintain the pH levels, reducing the need for expensive and environmentally harmful chemical treatment.

The product has a 10 year guarantee on magnetic properties and on parts and labour.

Note that we can also reduce your energy costs through our partnership with Ecotricity. Click here for more details.

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