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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

The major concern of cleaning products is the chemicals they contain. Human ingenuity has produced well over 100,000 chemicals substances which have never before been part of the environment. It is unknown how most these chemicals pass through the environment. As a result the true impact on both human and other living species is unknown.

These chemicals may pollute streams and rivers and may take a long time to degrade into harmless products. Some may not break down at all and persist indefinitely in the environment. These may enter the food chain, being eaten by aquatic creatures and eventually by humans. When consumed or absorbed through the skin, they may have harmful effects and have been linked to causing cancer or birth defects.

Please visit our Cleaning Products section to purchase eco-friendly products for your business.

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Article Date: 11 February 2008