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Edinburgh City Car Club

Launched in March 1999, Edinburgh CityCarClub (called car sharing in every other country) is the largest in Britain and is operated by Smart Moves with the support of the City of Edinburgh Council. It has a fleet of 23 new cars and over 400 members, which is projected to double by spring 2006.

Members have local access to a car when they need one and only pay for the time it is in use and the miles driven. Cars are parked in reserved parking spaces, close to homes or workplaces and can be booked on-line or by telephone, months ahead or at a few minutes notice. All vehicles are serviced and maintained by the car club, which means members don't have the expense or hassle of dealing with servicing, repairs, MOTs, road tax and cleaning. Membership also includes comprehensive insurance. There is a monthly charge (£5 - £15) and user charges are only £2.80/hour (small hatchback).


CityCarClub provides a hassle free alternative to traditional car ownership in the form of pay as you drive car hire. It suits people with a variety of transport needs, from those living a 5-10 minute walk from a 'car station' to those only needing a car on odd days. Members only pay for the time they use the cars, which saves money and reduces the number of cars on the road. Smart Moves cite research showing that each car in a car club typically replaces five privately owned vehicles. Fewer cars = less congestion and also quieter, cleaner, safer streets. Through progressive improvements in the use of technology ' starting with internet booking ' and increased reliability, has lead to increasingly satisfied members.


Source : SD-Commission

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Article Date: 20 December 2007