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A pub in Brighton could cut hundreds of pounds from its bills following a free business energy makeover from npower.

The Queen's Arms is looking forward to cutting out energy wastage and reducing its carbon footprint following a visit by npower's e-force team. The business, based on George Street, was selected for the makeover in a nationwide search to help companies save money, bringing npower's e3 service (energy, efficiency, environment) direct to its door.

The mission of the e-force team was simple - to put in place a host of energy saving measures free-of-charge to reduce the business's energy consumption and show how even some small improvements in energy efficiency can lead to important cost savings.

Undertaking a complete review of how The Queen's Arms used energy, the e-force team identified changes that could lead to an annual estimated saving over £367 on its energy bills and a reduction of approximately 2.1 tonnes of CO2.

With the recommendations in place, e-force got into action changing light bulbs, adjusting air conditioning (which alone could save £232 a year), and sealing the beer cellar door to retain cold air within the room.

The e-force team also identified that separating the wiring for the toilet lights, so that they no longer share the same circuit as the corridor lights and can be switched off when not in use, could lead to further annual savings of approximately £70 and 400kg of CO2.

An npower hometeam engineer was also on hand during the day to offer a free boiler service to the business, further improving energy efficiency. Servicing a boiler annually ensures it operates efficiently and can lead to savings of up to 40% on energy bills, lower emissions, as well as having a clear safety benefit.

The business owner and npower believe that the savings made serve as a strong example to other firms in the region of the energy savings that can be achieved at no cost or from just a small investment.

Andrew Feest, owner and landlord of the pub, said: 'The whole day was a real eye-opener and we were surprised not only with what we found out, but how easy it is to make a difference.

'It's the small things like this that are easy to change, but make a huge difference and we are now more aware than before as to what we need to do as a business to become more energy efficient.

'I would urge other businesses to start looking at how they could be saving money by doing little things like this because they will be surprised.'

Steve Fitzsimons, business energy manager at npower, said: 'When you're busy running your business it can sometimes seem difficult to dedicate time to cutting costs, but saving energy is often one of the easiest ways of reducing costs and can be done through simple steps that together make a big difference.

'What our e-force team has shown today is that energy efficiency is quick and easy to achieve and needn't cost the earth. Just replacing the current wall lights to a lower voltage, changing from a dimmer switch to a standard one and sealing the beer cellar door could save nearly £50 a year. It can be as easy as that to save energy.'

npower believes most businesses in Brighton could cut 10% from their energy bills by making some simple, free energy saving measures and up to 20% with a small investment.

Visit for energy efficiency advice and to see how other companies are saving energy with npower.


Article Date: 30 September 2008

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