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Green Gas has made the headlines this week - it has reached a milestone whereby it supplies 1 million UK households. According to the G...

Locally-grown sugar beet will provide the majority of power for the UK's first ever bioethanol plant, it has emerged.

The plant, located at Wissington, near King's Lynn, is owned and operated by British Sugar. Around 110,000 tonnes of beet should be enough to produce 70 million litres of bioethanol every year.

The fuel it produces will be far more environmentally friendly than ordinary petrol - especially considering that the sugar factory's combined heat and power plant will provide the energy for the nearby bioethanol plant. This means that output fuel will deliver 60 per cent lifecycle carbon savings compared to ordinary petrol

Jeff Rooker, food and farming minister, opened the plant on Thursday as he welcomed the expansion of the environmental industries sector.

"Climate change is the biggest challenge facing society today," Lord Rooker commented.

"But it is a challenge we can tackle by using the skills and innovation that are prevalent in the UK - this groundbreaking plant is a good example of this.

"Sustainable biofuels can play an important role in reducing our carbon footprint and I am pleased to see the UK is leading the way in promoting sustainable biofuel production."

Article Date: 28 November 2007

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