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The re-usable clear Big Bin Liners prolong the life of the bin, whilst enabling the contents to be easily removed and identified as Recycled Waste and not Landfill Waste. Roll of 50.

These Big Bin Liners are manufactured from a 'by product' of petrol refining (Ethylene). It takes less energy to manufacture a virgin polythene liner than is does to manufacture a recycled bin liner. Unlike biodegradable liners, our polythene liners can be recycled.

Using the bin liner prolongs the life of the bins and also eases the removal of waste from the bin.

The bin liners are rolled with tear off perforations for ease of dispensing and storage.

The bin liners are clear, this enables the contents of the bin to be clearly identified as recycled waste and not landfill waste.

Product: Big Bin Bags

Pack / Dispenser type: Rolls (50 per roll)

Size: 1092 x 762 mm

Capacity: 60 Litres

Packaging Material: Recycled Board

Colour: White

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