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How can sustainable procurement save businesses money' What are the potential obstacles to improved practices and how are these overcome' What socio-economic benefits are delivered by an environmentally-responsible supply chain'

In 2007, the UK Government Sustainable Procurement Action Plan was published, highlighting the need to ensure that supply chains and public services deliver wider sustainable development goals.

Leading organisations are actively developing sustainable procurement policies. As consumers increasingly demand environmental accountability from producers, businesses that do not demonstrate sufficient corporate social responsibility risk damage to their reputation and returns. BSI's 2008 conference on sustainable procurement provides guidance and examples of best practice in this field.

Sustainable Procurement Conference

Delivering improvements in strategy and process

12-13 November 2008, London

Organisations in all sectors are coming under pressure to prove their sustainability credentials. As the global economic downturn increases the need to reduce costs, effective sustainable procurement processes are becoming vital.

This BSI British Standards conference and workshop will examine the social and environmental consequences of sustainable procurement.

However, for businesses, sustainability must focus not just on these consequences, but also the economic benefits responsible procurement can realize. This conference therefore also offers the latest developments on:

* The practicalities of implementing sustainable procurement and how to overcome any potential barriers;

* Which standards are in development and how existing ones can help you

* How your business can maximize sales through effective communication of your sustainable procurement practices.

* Case studies will also be presented by experts in public and private sector organisations who are demonstrating best practice, including Marks and Spencer.

Action Sustainability will lead a workshop designed to equip those people tasked with addressing the impact of their supply chain on society with the knowledge and confidence to make a start on improving their practices.

The 2nd annual Sustainable Procurement Conference from BSI will be relevant to those responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility, quality, compliance and corporate communications. Procurement and supply change managers will find this conference particularly useful. Finance directors and and environment and sustainability officers would also benefit from attending.

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Article Date: 04 August 2008

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